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Post by Zero on Wed Jul 13, 2016 9:50 am

1. After every user ban, you should be uploading a screenshot of the ban to the relevant post in the ban screenshots section. If you are unable to get a screenshot at the time and have to go through uri logs, pm me telling me that that was the reason otherwise i have to go through uri logs to check that you aren't being abusive of mod powers and that REALLLY annoys me.

2. You should not be deleting your own posts. If you are breaking rules and deleting yourself to cover it up, I will find out and I will put you through the disciplinary process.

3. You should be checking the permaban list everytime you clear the ban log. I will not be happy if I find out you unbanned a permabanned user, and I will assume that you are undermining our process since we don't have a particularly long permaban list, it's not hard to check it or just remember the users who are on it.

4. You should be checking the forums regularly, especially during mod election season.

5. If you have any issues with users you should be alerting me to these. It's important that I know what's going on so I can back you up if it becomes necessary.

6. If you have to take a break from the website for a prolonged period, you should try to get a message to me about it. I am aware that I'm not particularly brilliant in this area, but I rarely actually do bans nowadays. Your first job is to ensure that the chat remains clean so let other mods know if you are planning to be away and we may be to teak coverage to ensure chat remains clean.

7. If you have computer/phone/general electronic issues, try to get a message to me about them. Again, I hate it when mods randomly leave.

8. If you do not login for a prolonged period of time without having pmed me about it, I will assume you have become inactive and I will attempt to clear you from the modlist.


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