Results of Zero's complaint hunting.

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Results of Zero's complaint hunting. Empty Results of Zero's complaint hunting.

Post by Zerooldnolongerused on Sat May 21, 2016 10:59 pm

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, however as an admin it's my job here to make sure all of my mods are behaving cordiously towards our members, and to ensure that users are as happy with the team as they can be.

Mod hate is a common thing in chatrooms because "fight the power!", so it is very normal to not take one or two minor complaints seriously. We mods are a protective lot; we all know what it's like to be hated just for a badge, regardless of our actual actions and personalities, however, it is clear that something must be done with the current situation.

Nami recently expressed the desire for users to have more say in the democratic process which is now second nature amongst the mod team, and I wholeheartedly agree that users should have a say, and should feel as though this is the case. As part of my response to Nami's post on our forums, I have been conducting a kind of review for the modteam. No one is perfect, and no one has returned from my search unscathed, myself included, but two mods have in particular are felt to be abusive, with bad attitudes, and little care for the actual chat beyond the power it gives to them.
In case you haven't guessed, these two mods are RobotSpaceWalrus and Vaporware.

Normally, I would always give mods a chance to stand up for themselves when I receive complaints, but these are not issues which those two mods are able to fix, these are personality traits which I unfortunately was blind to before. Below is a quick summary for each of these mods' complaints, which I have chosen to make publicly available as part of showing my good faith to the chat. I have no desire to hide that this is not a personal move, this is very much something I am doing because those two mods have left me with no choice.

However, most of the people I spoke to desired anonymity so I decided to ensure all comments would indeed remain anonymous. I realise this is not completely open, but some of the users felt a serious rebuttal from the two mods may occur if their names were displayed in public, and I have no wish to betray the trust they placed in me when they expressed a desire to speak.

All statements are paraphrased to protect anonymity, and not all are included as the same general complaints have often been repeated to me many times.

12 users would like to see her go, including people who have been or are currently mods.

"Vapor has her screenshots of everything, and instead of using them in accordance with mod procedure, she waits to use them as blackmail. In the past she has threated me, stalked me and colluded with Jeff to make my life on Animejoy hell, which ended in me leaving."

"I don't know why she is a'must have on the chat. She does not care about being present, choosing to keep a lazy eye on the chat while she does other things, and is unreasonable to people who contact her for help. She doesn't bring anything to the chat, instead she is arrogant, antisocial and rarely talks about anything other than games, which stops users who don't play her games from joining in the conversation. It doesn't seem fair that just because Jeff likes her she is immune to our criticisms and instead of her working to improve herself, as I know you have asked her to many times, we have to just put up with it. Mods are supposed to be helpful and to step up when they are needed, Vapor does nothing."

"She talks down to me a lot and I'm not crazy about her attitude, she calls people "drones" who don't agree with her "big ideas". It's okay to disagree on things, but not to resort to name calling and being rude constantly. Sure, some people have pet names for each other and it's meant in a friendly way, but the times we have argued, this was not the case, and everyone knows that various people have left purely because of her."

"She bans and warns people she doesn't like all the time, when other mods just shrug. I know you've seen it too. She is extremely biased and talks about nothing but video games. She's jealous and it affects her judgement."

"I have been here for literally a two weeks and already she has warned me twice. I'll admit one of those times, I got carried away, but the other? I was only trying to direct her attention to an anon who was breaking major rules. If she had apologised for her mistake, it would be fine, but even after only having been here a short time, I can tell she uses excuse after excuse. A mod should be able to say sorry when they were clearly in the wrong."

10 users would like to see him go, including people who have been or are currently mods.

“Neither of them take people’s complaints seriously and only act when they want to, even when people are asking them to get rid of someone, like I’ve been harassed by anons all the time and asked Jeff to step in, he just tells me to ignore it.”

“He feeds you very selective information about people because he knows you trust him, well did anyway. They are both power hungry and as soon as you left to go on your break, they got worse. Jeff was going around boasting about being admin. I think they’ve been making you think things for a long time which aren’t true. Like, very few people hate you, Zero, they just don’t understand why you’ve protected them, because that’s how it looks.”

“Jeff is very very biased about Vapor, he lets her get away with a lot and reinforces the idea she has that the hate she gets is standard mod hate, which it isn’t. Without him, she actually might be alright, but as long as he holds any position of authority, she’s going to be convinced we’re all lowly beings who just can’t understand her because we have such small minds.”

“Well I know for a fact that Jeff messed with Uri settings after you left, and I’ve heard they take over the mod filter with pointless chatter a lot; video games and discussing who’s bitching about Vapor. If I was in your position, I would get rid of him. He holds Vapor back a lot.”

As a result of these complaints, I have sent a demodding request to Mangajoy, and these forums will be moving again (sorry!) because I am unable to remove Robot as an administrator on these ones.
Thank you for reading.


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Results of Zero's complaint hunting. Empty Re: Results of Zero's complaint hunting.

Post by Zero on Sun May 22, 2016 1:48 am

Forums have been transferred back to me, that's why i had to make up a really weird name for my old user, i have now stolen jeff's account because i'm a lovely person


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